Emma West Trial Postponed For A Third Time

Posted on September 4, 2012 by



Is it something I said?

I have contacted the Lord Chief Justice on at least two occasions about the attack of freedom and democracy in the UK since we joined the EU, and especially our ‘Freedom of Expression’ enshrined in the Magna Carta and our English Common Law.

I have also contacted the defending barrister as well.

If two women on a tram can’t have a slanging match without one of them being thrown into prison over the Christmas period estranged from her five your old boy – which is a magic time of year for him, we have no democracy in this country and something has got to change. Governments should be changed at the next election that do not uphold our English Common Law and our democratic freedoms to have a rant without courts being involved in it.

As for the EU with it’s draconian laws, we should leave at the next available opportunity and let them fester in their own anarchy in Europe, it won’t bother us any longer.

Croydon Crown Court could not tell me this afternoon when the trial will be scheduled again – I will keep you posted.

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